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Throwaway ideas for left media

Goals of left media projects could include

  • meeting the urgent need to create something that can challenge the dominance of news media that is controlled by the two major parties
  • raising consciousness
  • improving and expanding “left culture”

For normies

  • Travel show with emphasis on food, history, linguistics, culinary science, natural science, and conflict.
  • Films and documentaries on wars and revolutions.
    • Apply our understanding of WWII to other conflicts.
  • Youtube/podcast personalities with takes on self-improvement, curiosity, and political discourse.
    • People like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan because they apply meaning to mundane things like cleaning your room and doing drugs, which makes people feel self-motivated.

For nerds

  • Left policy in-depth explainers (taxes, finance, welfare)
    • The Bruenigs x Vox
  • 1-2h talks, panels, and debates on issues, stories, and abstract ideas, similar to Commonwealth Club, City Arts & Lectures, or even T*D T*lks
  • Documentary series on how things work (including government, civil society, infrastructure, and supply chains), with emphases on labor and welfare.
  • NPR affiliate that combines typical public radio programming with existing and original leftist programming
  • Science education or pop science infotainment taught by leftist instructors
Updated 2020-05-17

Thoughts on activistism [TODO]

Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood, and Christian Parenti: “Action Will Be Taken”: Left Anti-intellectualism and Its Discontents

Give up Activism from Reflections on June 18th

Karen Ferguson: Top Down: The Ford Foundation, Black Power, and the Reinvention of Racial Liberalism

Jacques Camatte:

A few “rioters”: And After We Have Burnt Everything?: Correspondences about revolutionary strategy and emotions


  • martyrdom and the role of “struggle”
  • activist culture, fetishizing action
  • activism feeds into socialism with activist characteristics
  • activism as a job
  • the non-profit industrial complex
  • democratizing theory, strategy, and analysis
  • navigating and gaining power within activist organizations (discourse, relationships, doing the work)
  • horizontalism vs hierarchy, anarchism vs socialism
  • understanding revolutionary orgs like PSL
  • what should organizing look like
  • the left of center is a coalition of single issues
  • sectarianism, cultishness, populism (propaganda vs theory)
  • the left’s cultural dominance in the activist/political class

Random interesting ideas

Aquatic drones

Autonomous or remote-controlled deep-sea rover. Interesting research question: where do whales migrate?

Deep state wiki

Conspiracy tracker wiki that includes topics like

  • The Deep State
  • Comparisons between real conspiracies (e.g. Epstein) and fake/false flag conspiracies (e.g. QAnon)
  • Maps between notable people and institutions
  • Lists of prominent sources of conspiracy theories (e.g. chan boards, social media pages, right wing media, etc.)
  • WikiSpooks

Farming and ecology sim

Government visualized

Interactive visualization of where local, state, federal government raise and spend funds. Should be user-friendly, accessible way to learn about scale of public funding.

Some ideas:

Interactive globe

Curved touch sensor screen for a globe (is this even possible?), with programmable platform so developers can add own data, visualizations, or GIS compatibility. Can display multiple layers of geographic information: geological, geopolitical, meteorological, updated satellite images, visualizations of world data, etc.


Light cube

Programmable 3d array of lights, that can switch through wallpapers or act as a music visualizer.




  • Purity Ring live set

Mixed senior/child care

Has been proposed many times already and possibly implemented in Japan? Combine senior housing and childcare services. Elderly people can help with childcare and vice versa, and the presence of children can improve the lives of elderly people. Can also include animal sanctuaries or shelters.

Portable soundscapes

Array of microphones/speakers to reproduce a soundscape (natural or manmade) with high fidelity (e.g. I want to reproduce the real-time soundscape of a forest or jungle or beach in my room).

Socialized sports leagues

State/national/international sports leagues that expand professional and minor/development leagues to include amateurs. Would replace or expand adult recreational sports leagues.

Strategy decathlon

Compete in a medley of strategy-based games.

  • Classics: Go, Chess, Xiangqi
  • Tabletops: Carcasonne, Twilight Struggle, Settlers of Catan
  • Easy games: Mastermind, Connect 4
  • Card games: Texas Hold ’Em, Bridge
  • eSports: Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, StarCraft

Visualizing STEM

Video series that covers branches of science and math, explaining complex concepts with good visualizations and example exercises, tying in with the histories of these fields, real world application, and experimental methodologies.

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